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Recomended Book List
iANSYST Ltd has sponsored this page. from iANSYST Ltd is all about computers and technology to help dyslexic people make the most of their abilities. Find out about grants for equipment and software for children and adults; compare products in helpful guides; and learn how you can get computers VAT-free for people with dyslexia and other disabilities

Below is our list of recomended books. We have grouped the books into categories so that you can find a book more easily.

The book summary has either been written by or for the Parents Protecting Children website and as such we hold the copyright. The back cover text has been lifted directly from the reverse cover of the book and therefore the copyright is held by the author or the publisher.

If anyone has any questions, comments or suggestions for the book list then please feel free to contact the webmaster using the contact us page located here.



  Asperger's Syndrome




  General Medical

  Learning Disabilities
Title Gifted & Talented Children with Special Educational Needs
Author Diane Montgomery
Year Published 2003
ISBN 1-85346-954-8
Back Cover "Gifted pupils who also have special needs often receive provision for the special need whilst the giftedness is overlooked. This practical text based on international research and practice enables the reader to identify highly able pupils with special needs such as ADHD, dyspraxia, dyslexia and Down's Syndrome; and then make provision for them within the mainstream school."
Our Review Both of my children have IQs in the gifted range and both have learning difficulties. I know from bitter experience just how totally kids like this are misunderstood by the education system. This book is new in 2003. I wish I’d had it years ago. Extremely useful if you have doubly exceptional children. Jan LB. ©

Title Hearing Equals Behaviour
Author Guy Bérard
Year Published 1993
ISBN 0-87983-600-8
Back Cover “Millions of TV viewers and tens of thousands of readers thrilled to the dramatic story of Georgiana Stehli’s escape from the lifelong prison of autism, as recounted on television’s ‘20/20’ and in her mother’s book ‘The Sound of a Miracle’. Now the doctor who cured Georgiana explains his therapeutic approach and the scientific breakthrough behind it, and shows how it has profoundly helped thousands suffering from a variety of problems such as hyperactivity, dyslexia and depression.”
Our Review We live in a very hearing world which can be frightening for children whose hearing is impaired permanently or more often temporarily through glue ear and similar difficulties. Hearing undoubtedly affects behaviour. Jan LB. ©

Title Mind Map Book, The
Author Tony & Barry Buzan
Year Published 2001
ISBN 0-563-53732-9
Back Cover "Have you ever wanted to improve your memory, creativity, concentration, communicative ability, thinking skills, learning skills, study skills, general intelligence and quickness of mind? [This book] introduces you to a single thinking tool [...] which allows you to accomplish all these goals with one thinking apparatus."
Our Review Frequently recommended to help kids with the executive function difficulties associated with ADD/ADHD, Autism/Asperger’s, ME/CFS, and Dyslexia/Dyspraxia etc. New related computer software is available from iANSYST – see links. Jan LB. ©



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