Parents, Professionals and Politicians Protecting Children with Illness and / or Disabilities Parents, Professionals and Politicians Protecting Children with Illness and / or Disabilities Parents, Professionals and Politicians Protecting Children with Illness and / or Disabilities
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About the Organisation

PARENTS, PROFESSIONALS AND POLITICIANS PROTECTING CHILDREN WITH ILLNESS AND / OR DISABILITIES ("") was formed in October 2001 at the time of the House of Lords Debate on False Accusations of Child Abuse led by Earl Frederick Howe assisted by Lord Tim Clement Jones CBE.

"" is a membership organisation open to all parents of children with illness and or disabilities, all concerned and supportive professionals and politicians and others who would like to help.

The core group of "" are a loose alliance of parents, professionals and politicians working mainly by e-mail to raise relevant issues in Parliament and in the media and where possible to support families wrongly accused of over anxious parenting or similar forms of supposed child abuse.

Our support for families has often been through helping parents to realise that they are not alone and in supplying documents for parents to show to officials in order to show that their cases are not unique and that these issues are of concern in Parliament and elsewhere. We hope that our website will make such information more widely available to enable more families to help themselves and each other

Contacting Us
  If you wish to get in touch with us then please see the contact page for our details. You can view the page here.
Becoming a Member
  Membership of PPPC is free and open to everyone concerned as a victim of false accusation of MSBP or FII, or a supporter of those wrongly accused.

We welcome donations of £5 (or more if you can afford it) to help with the costs of postage, stationery, telephone or maintenance of the website.

Please write giving your name, address, e-mail, phone etc and a couple of paragraphs describing your reasons for becoming involved. Please include your donation if you are able to make one.

We would also be grateful for any offers of help e.g. secretarial assistance, research skills, press monitoring, telephone support time and skills, availability to speak to press etc etc

Our address can be found on the contact page.

How to Donate of Become a Sponsor

PPPPC desperately needs sponsorship and donations to maintain and develop this website (possibly to include a discussion board) and to enable us to provide better support to affected families and better information (possibly including training) to Politicians, Academic Researchers, Lawyers, Medical, Educational and Social Work Professionals, Journalists et al.

If you or your company or organisation is able to provide us with money or with services or materials in kind please contact our chairman Revd John Alan Cox via the website or at Finchley & Whetstone United Reform Church, St Margaret's, Victoria Avenue, London N3 1BD.

For specific offers to sponsor the website please contact Jan Loxley Blount (financial terms) and/or our Webmaster Steven Day (use of company logos, links to associated websites etc).

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