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Recomended Book List
iANSYST Ltd has sponsored this page. from iANSYST Ltd is all about computers and technology to help dyslexic people make the most of their abilities. Find out about grants for equipment and software for children and adults; compare products in helpful guides; and learn how you can get computers VAT-free for people with dyslexia and other disabilities

Below is our list of recomended books. We have grouped the books into categories so that you can find a book more easily.

The book summary has either been written by or for the Parents Protecting Children website and as such we hold the copyright. The back cover text has been lifted directly from the reverse cover of the book and therefore the copyright is held by the author or the publisher.

If anyone has any questions, comments or suggestions for the book list then please feel free to contact the webmaster using the contact us page located here.



  Asperger's Syndrome




  General Medical
Title Alternative Dictionary of Symptoms and Cures, The
Author Dr Caroline M Shreeve
Year Published 1995
ISBN 0-7529-0006-4
Back Cover “[This] is an essential reference book for every home. In clear, layman’s terms, Dr Caroline Shreeve provides the most comprehensive guide yet to orthodox and alternative approaches to medical problems and your health.”
Our Review Useful and interesting – easy to use – simple explanations – good ideas. Jan LB. ©

Title British National Formulary - Number 45 (March 2003)
Author British Medical Association and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain
Year Published 2003
ISBN 0-72791-772-2
Back Cover “Compiled with the advice of clinical experts this essential reference provides up-to-date guidance on prescribing, dispensing and administering medicines. It details all medicines that are generally prescribed in the UK, with special reference to their uses, cautions, contra-indications, side-effects, dosage and relative costs.”
Our Review When anything is prescribed for you or your kids it’s as well to look it up in the book the GPs use.

Title Freedom from Asthma: Buteyko’s Revolutionary treatment
Author Alexander Stalmatski
Year Published 1998
ISBN 1-85626-268-5
Back Cover “Dr Konstantin Buteyko’s revolutionary theory suggests that the solution lies in our breathing patterns. Most of us breathe too deeply and all asthmatics have incorrect breathing patterns. Buteyko’s observations suggest that a higher proportion of carbon dioxide […] is essential if the body is to function properly.”
Our Review This is a disputed treatment but it is drug free and some people recommend it and in some situations anything is worth a try.

Title Vaccination Bible, The
Author Lynne McTaggart
Year Published 2000
ISBN 0-9534734-0-6
Back Cover “One of the most important decisions you will ever have to make about your child is whether or not to have him/her vaccinated. But how necessary are the individual jabs? How effective are they? And most important, are there any possible risks? In this groundbreaking book […] you will find copious scientific evidence […] about the true risks and effectiveness of each childhood vaccine.”
Our Review Read and think before deciding. Jan LB. ©

Title What Doctors Don't Tell You
Author Lynne McTaggart
Year Published 1996
ISBN 0-7225-3024-2
Back Cover "By letting you in on the real trade secrets of medicine, this groundbreaking book is your insurance against becoming just another medical statistic. It also offers up-to-the-minute proven scientific alternatives for diagnosing, preventing or treating many illnesses."
Our Review What the Doctor’s don’t tell you but you might actually need to know….! Jan LB. ©

  Learning Disabilities



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