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Recomended Book List
iANSYST Ltd has sponsored this page. from iANSYST Ltd is all about computers and technology to help dyslexic people make the most of their abilities. Find out about grants for equipment and software for children and adults; compare products in helpful guides; and learn how you can get computers VAT-free for people with dyslexia and other disabilities

Below is our list of recomended books. We have grouped the books into categories so that you can find a book more easily.

The book summary has either been written by or for the Parents Protecting Children website and as such we hold the copyright. The back cover text has been lifted directly from the reverse cover of the book and therefore the copyright is held by the author or the publisher.

If anyone has any questions, comments or suggestions for the book list then please feel free to contact the webmaster using the contact us page located here.



  Asperger's Syndrome


Title E for Additives, The New
Author Maurice Hanssen and Jill Marsden
Year Published 1988
ISBN 0-7225-1562-6
Back Cover “Cracks the ‘E’ number code and enables you to understand the lists of additives that appear on the packs of the food you buy, so that you can see exactly what has been added, where it comes from, why it has been added, what it does to the food an – if anything – what it might do to you.”
Our Review The most essential book for all parents of kids with any kind of food allergy or intolerance. Take it to the supermarket to avoid mistakes. Jan LB. ©

Title Food and Mood Handbook, The
Author Amanda Geary
Year Published 2001
ISBN 0-00-711423-0
Back Cover "Amanda Geary, nutritional therapist and founder of The Food and Mood Project, has put together an invaluable guide for all those who wish to explore the relationship between diet, nutrition and emotional and mental health."
Our Review Lots of really useful lists of food groups – it is amazing to realise which foods are linked – helps sort out diets to avoid unsuspected food intolerances. Highly recommended.

Title Prescription for Nutritional Healing
Author Phyllis A Balch and James F Balch
Year Published 2000
ISBN 1-58333-077-1
Back Cover "[This] is the nation's number-one-bestselling guide to holistic health. For ten years and more, people interested in alternative healing and preventive therapies have relied on this invaluable reference as a guide to improve health through nutrition and supplementation, avoiding traditional drug therapies."
Our Review Very large, very American, very useful. Jan LB. ©


  General Medical

  Learning Disabilities



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