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This page has been sponsored by EQUAZEN manufacturers of eye q™ and qarma™ - omega 3 and omega 6 oil products that may be especially helpful to some children with learning and behavioural difficulties. Please see their site,, and go to 'Facts' via the 'Research' page to view a paper by Dr Alexandra Richardson on this topic

Below we have collected together a list of links to other useful related sites. We have grouped the links into categories to help you find the information that you require. Click on the + sign next to the category name to expand the list of links in that category.

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Site Name Description
Allergy UK I only just found this one - they do information cards in 15 languages to show to foreign hosts and restauranteurs - these sound extremely useful - look under "travel advice". Jan LB
Asperger's Syndrome Foundation The website of the Asperger's Syndrome Foundation.
Autism London The website of Autism London – their family support workers have been very helpful to some wrongly accused families. Jan LB. ©
Autism Research Project, Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling I have failed to open documents so this may be the wrong weblink - Dr Gordon Bell at the Institute of Aquaculture is a key figure in research into fatty acids and Autistic Spectrum Disorders. Jan LB
Autism Research Project, University of Sunderland. Dr Paul Shattock OBE and his expert team. Urine tests to determine metabolism of gluten caesin etc.
Barbara's Kitchen If you want to bake gluten free products that actually work - start by talking to Barbara. Her inexpensive cookbook is essential - we have three copies, home, Gran's house and the caravan. Jan LB c
BBCi The homepage of the BBC
British Dyslexia Association The official website of the British Dyslexia Association
Brittle Bone Society The society was founded by a group of families in 1971 and became a registered charity. Its aims are to promote research into the brittle bones diseases and to provide practical support, advice and encouragement to sufferers and their relatives. The Society knows of about 3500 people with brittle bones in all parts of the United Kingdom.
Children and Young People Magazine “The main contributors to this website are social care professionals involved in the care of children in residential and day care units or in social work with children and families. It gives information and insight into the major issues of debate in social care circles in the U.K." Charles P ©
Disability Now The website of Disability Now has a specialised search engine which is useful for finding info about relevant medical personell and treatments etc
Dyslexia Research Trust (Dr Alexandra Richardson) Key information on the relation between fatty acids and Dyslexia. Hope for Dyslexic children, parents and teachers.
Getting Extra Help This link is for a downloadable leaflet called 'getting extra help' from the Advisory Centre for Education (ACE)
Google UK An excellent UK search engine
National Association for Gifted Children The official website of the National Association for Gifted Children – relevant also for gifted children with special educational or medical needs. Jan LB. ©
National Autistic Society The NAS does not seem to have taken on board the issue of false accusations against parents of Autistic children. Nevertheless, they are a vital source of information and can help with SEN tribunals etc. Jan LB. ©
National Child Abuse Defence & Resource Center This is an American organisation similar in intention to Parents Protecting Children
NHS Direct If you are ever unsure wether or not to go to casualty or call out the GP you can always call NHS Direct. They will keep a log of the call so if you are subsequntly accused of wasting hospital or GP time you can always say truthfully "NHS Direct thought it should be checked out".
Parliament Find your MP and contact them to raise the issues which matter to you
Sally Clark - Victim of a Miscarriage of Justice Sally was freed from prison on 29 January 2003 - this is her story
Science Museum MMR debate site The MMR debate presented in a balanced format by the Science Museum.
Tapestry Life Centre In the last decade there has been an increasing awareness of developmental disorders in the child and adult population. These disorders, in particular, Autism, Asperger Syndrome, ADHD and Tourette's Syndrome have also increased in prevalence and incidence. In addition, many individuals with such tapestry disorders experience a severe restriction of their life chances, but may fail to meet the strict criteria that is in place, for instance, for autism. Given this, despite experiencing a multiplicity of impairments and forming the largest referred group, they are likely to find their needs unmet throughout childhood, adolescence and adulthood.
The Autism Centre at Sheffield Hallam University This is a growing centre of excellence in terms of support for families where Autism is an issue. Their senior lecturer Luke Beardon has been very helpful to some families known to Parents Protecting Children. Jan LB ©
The Autism File - Allergy Research Foundation conference 1999 report Many false accusations of child abuse are because of the misunderstanding of Autism and related disorders. This report gives medical evidence which may be relevant
Tinus Smits Vaccines A vaccine information site recommended to me by Dr Marysia Kratimenos of the Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital. A physician and homoeopath whom I greatly respect. Jan LB. ©
What Doctors Don’t Tell You What the Doctors don't tell you, but you might actually need to know…! Jan LB. ©

If you have a link to a useful site that isn't listed then please use the contact page to suggest it to us. Any questions or queries about the links should be sent to the webmaster via the contact page.

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